Jennaís mother, Malerie, has many men in her life
But none of them are willing to make her into a wife
Jenna does not remember her father at all
He left Malerie and their two daughters, before Jenna could crawl

Jenna was now in the eleventh grade and Student Council President,
Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team, and she was an A+ student
But, Jenna has a secret that she was cautiously keeping
And the longer she held it inside, the less at night she was sleeping

Jenna decided that she could not keep the secret another day
She practiced in her head exactly what she would say
Jenna finally told her mom her secret, and how she feels inside
When she was finished, Malerie looked at her daughter and replied:

ďI wish I knew sooner that this was happening to you
I would have taken you to a specialist to see what they could do.
Maybe itís not too late, Jenna. Iíll make calls tomorrow for sure.Ē
Jenna interrupted, ďIím not sick. What I have does not have a cure.Ē

ďJenna, youíre confused; I raised you and your sister the same way.
She is married with two children; itís not possible that youíre gay.
And, last week you went with John to the high school formal.
Donít you want to get married and have a life thatís normal?Ē

Jenna shouted, ďIím gay! Iím gay! Believe me, mom, Iím gay!
Thereís no way to change that; I donít like guys that way.Ē
Malerie retorted, ďWhat? No! Youíve gone out with boys before.
How could you just suddenly not like them anymore?Ē

Jenna shut her eyes tight, but she could not hold in the tears
ďIíve tried, mom. And, well, Iíve struggled with this for many years.
It was not a choice or decision I made; I was always this way
Itís not like I just suddenly decided to be a lesbian one day.Ē

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